Our Dogs

Our Dogs and Puppies Past and Present

Puppies in Program

1) Monitor - Erica, Charlie and Lauren**
2) Diamond IV - Melanie and John

3) Thea - Marilyn and Brady

4) Biscuit - Kate, Hugh and Lily
5) Dyson III - Gloria and Ray
6) Gamer - Lily and Glen

7) Mariko -
8) Wallace -
Connie and Dan

9) Trini - Becca and Shaun
10) Jane IV -
Brenda and Jonas

11) Tompson - Debbie and Dick
12) Nuke - MIke and Barbara
13) Penryn - Skip and Janene

14) Niobe - Erica, Charlie and Lauren
15)JoAnn - Lori and Rich
18) Gana - Laura and Alister
19) Chuck - Andy and Danelle
20) Ladina - Jake and Liz
21) Karlyn - Dave and Barbara
22) Kimba - Colee and Joe
23) Pilot - Lisa

*in Professional Training in Oceanside, CA
** in Alaska
Graduate Teams

1)Kate and Gamay II, Facility Dog Team
2)Abram and Icon, Service Dog Team
3)Kelly and Tadaki, Service Dog Team
4)Muffy and Leibe, Service Dog Team
5)Susan and Devi, Facility Dog Team
6)Tim and Sakai, Service Dog Team
7)Carla, Samuel and Alice, Skilled Companion Team
8)Mandalina, Gabe and Fenley, Skilled Companion Team
9)Michelle, Rachel and Gerda, Skilled Companion Team
10)Kandace, Sawyer and Topper, Skilled Companion Team
11)Joseph and Rosner, Service Dog Team
12)Galena, Pablo and Wendolyn, Skilled Companion Team
13)Annie, James and Alesia II, Skilled Companion Team
14)Amy, Sam and Lolo, Skilled Companion Team
15)Gael and Elon, Service Dog Team

16)Glenna and Misty, Service Dog Team