Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Post from Wiita

Hi Puppy Pals!!

     This is my last month for socializing with you all, so I'm inviting you to some "fun stuff" in Kaysville. I know it's a long drive for some you, but if you can make it, that would be great! If not, that's ok, too. I think my mom is planning a "Bon Voyage" party at my last Puppy Class (10/30?). Anyway, here's some socializations that we "can sink our teeth into" (JK, CCI!!!) during the month of October:
Check out these events:

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 9TH (after Puppy Class) - The Kaysville Fire Department is hosting an Open House from 6:00pm - 9:00pm. I think it's National Fire Fighters Month (or something like that) and many fire stations are hosting an open house. So if you can't make it to Kaysville, look at visiting a fire station near where you live. The Kaysville Fire Station is on Main Street, so when you get off of the freeway, turn EAST (toward the mountains) and head for the intersection of Main Street and 200 North. When you get to this intersection, turn RIGHT (South) and continue on Main Street about 3 blocks. The fire station will be on your LEFT.


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12TH - THE MONSTER MASH AND DASH at Heritage Park (150 North Fairfield Road, Kaysville) from 5:00pm - 11:00pm. This is a great socialization! There is a 5k run, carnival games, Pumpkin Painting, a Scarecrow Contest and most people there are dressed in costumes. I went last year and saw princesses, soldiers, strobe lights, butterflies and other weird costumes. We just go and walk around for a bit and then go home......BUT.....if a bunch of us went, maybe our puppy raisers could go get something to eat afterwards.......my mom LOVES to do that!  Directions: When you get to the intersection of Main Street and 200 North, proceed THROUGH the intersection and TURN LEFT at the 1st street you come to (Fairfield Road). Heritage Park will be on your LEFT.


MONDAY, OCTOBER 28TH....."PUMPKIN PALOOZA"......at the Extension Center/Farm. This is put on by the Davis County Extension Office and 4-H Clubs. It's similar to the "Monster Mash" as many people dress up. Last year they had a climbing wall, face painting, a pumpkin walk and hot cider and doughnuts (free to the first 200 people). It takes place after dark, so we pups can get used to being out at night. Again, if we play our cards right and are good puppies, maybe we can talk our puppy raisers into going and getting a snack and we can lounge quietly under tables and at their feet. Directions: When you get to the intersection of 200 North and Main Street, TURN RIGHT (like you're going to the fire station), but pass the fire station and keep going till you come to a "fork" in the road (Zions Bank will be on your LEFT). Take the RIGHT fork and now you'll be on 50 WEST. Follow 50 West......landmarks: Apartment Complex on your LEFT; LDS Church on your LEFT; Columbia Elementary School on your LEFT; another LDS Church on your LEFT; ponds on your RIGHT. Keep coming. You'll see a USU Extension sign (on your LEFT) and now you'll have to start looking for a parking place because now you're HERE!!


     If you have any questions, just let my mom or dad know - mkoroulis2002@yahoo.com or 801-544-0330. I'm going to miss ALL of you!